1826 Summer Updates

Hey!!!! Long time, no see!!!

You saw the announcement of our new website, but we are so happy to announce that our blog is BACK! It was a bit of a learning curve to get adjusted to the new setup, but we finally have it down to a science and are happy to say we will back to our regular posting schedule. With the revival of the blog, we wanted to just update you all on what’s been going on in our lives since our mini hiatus and to inform you we’ve got some big plans coming! Thanks for being patient with us while we worked out the kinks, but we’re so excited to share on this platform yet again – and boy do we ever have a lot to share!!! Read about what we’ve been up to and as always, stay tuned to see what’s next from us!!


Lindsey’s summer happenings:
The summer of 2018 has treated me very well! It’s been filled with fun and exciting things like beach nights, baseball games, and lots of visits from close friends. And oh yeah, I GOT ENGAGED!!!! Now technically, it was before summer officially started, but I’m still going to count it. 😉 Even though the big day is a ways away, we’ve done a little planning and actually have our venue booked (spoiler alert: it’s GORGEOUS). Other than wedding planning, this summer has mostly been about reconnecting with great friends, eating lots of yummy food, and spending quality time with family. I’m sad to see this summer coming to an end, but I’m 100% ready for it to be autumn! Give me all the chilly nights, cozy sweaters, and pumpkin everything!!

Jamie’s summer happenings:
Love, love, love. The summer of 2018 has been all about love! Between the work we’ve been doing at 1826 and all the time I’ve been able to spend with family, it’s been the best summer ever! Having Lindsey around has helped me out in so many ways. I feel like I’m killing it at being a businesswoman and a super mom (today anyhow)! I’ve never been more aware of how lucky I am than this summer. I’m lucky to be loving the job that I do and I’m so lucky to be able to see my boys grow up. Watching them grow and connect with each other has been the highlight of my summer. Hugh Boo turned two at the end of July and Hayes is almost 9 months old, where does time go?! When we aren’t working, Mark and I have been busy spending time at our family lake house on Middle Bass Island and strolling the boys around Cedar Point. The huge highlight of the summer was hosting my sister and her family for two and half weeks while they were in town. She recently moved out to Seattle, and while that’s been a tough adjustment for the whole family, we’ve taken full advantage of the invention of FaceTime and have already booked our trip out west. I cannot WAIT to get my camera out there!! Like Lindsey, as much as I’ve loved summer, I can’t even begin to express how ready I am for fall! I currently dictated this task of writing this post to Lindsey because I’ve put myself in a straight jacket so I’m not tempted to unpack my fall decorations before Labor Day! (Lindsey’s edit: This is true. We haven’t even allowed ourselves to step foot into Bath and Body works because we’d for sure walk out with every 3-wick candle and wallflower they have in stock.)

1826 summer happenings: 
We are amazed at the couples and seniors who have booked with us this summer! We truly feel like we get to work with the best people around, and we are so grateful! We’ve been all over the place this summer too! From the cliffs of Catawba to the Yacht Club, to stables in Berlin Heights and fields out in Vermilion, we’ve had the opportunity to photograph some great locations. As you can see below, we’re constantly posting behind the scenes photos on our social media pages – make sure you follow us!!

We’ve also been cooking up a secret project over the summer that we’ll be announcing soon. Mums the word for now but trust us, This. Is. Big. (Another stellar reason to follow us.) We wouldn’t be where we are without followers and fans like you, so from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for chasing us while we chase our dreams. xoxo – Jamie & Lindsey

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