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Owens – 6.22.19

Every couple that dreams of having their wedding in the summer in Sandusky probably dreams of having the exact day that the Owen’s had for their wedding…

Zolnowski – 1.19.19

Remember that time when we photographed a wedding during the middle of a blizzard? How crazy was that?!? That’ll be a conversation between Lindsey and I when we’re old and gray because no matter how many weddings we photograph throughout the years, there will only be one SNOWMAGEDDON!

Dunn – 3.17.18

Who’s feeling lucky today??? “Lucky in love” seemed to be the theme of the day for Caitlin & Taylor as they said “I do” on St. Patrick’s Day this past March. These sweet lovebirds just celebrated their six month wedding anniversary and looking back on their day, we can’t help but smile. From the clear...

Proto – 10.21.17

  As we get ready for our first wedding of 2018, we’re reminiscing about our last wedding of 2017, Matthew and Elizabeth Proto. Matt and Beth were such a fun couple to work with. Matt’s silly sense of humor would keep his bride smiling and laughing throughout the day, which definitely helped make capturing their love...

Koch – 9.16.17

Just as I was in the middle of writing today’s blog post highlighting Katie & Cody Koch’s sweet summertime wedding the mail arrived… and I opened a Christmas card from them! What are the odds?? And it’s not just any Christmas card, it’s basically the cutest card I’ve ever seen. Probably because they are one...





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