Morgan Woods – 1826 Senior Spokesmodel

Meet Morgan Woods:

  • Morgan attends Port Clinton High School and is looking forward to college in the fall. 🎓
  • Morgan loves to hunt. It’s a bonding experience for her and her Papa! 🎯
  • She was the youngest member of the Salvation Army board at the age of 10. 🔔
  • Morgan hopes to play soccer at a collegiate level after high school. ⚽️

So far for Morgan’s photos, we have shot at Port Clinton High School and East Harbor. She has one more session left with us, at Patina Creek and we’re excited to see how they turn out! 📸😄



Madelyn Porterfield – 1826 Senior Spokesmodel

Meet Madelyn Porterfield:

  • Madelyn is a part of National Honors Society as well as other leadership roles at Huron High School. 🐯
  • If you know Madelyn, you would say she has a great laugh and a sense of humor! 😂
  • Madelyn has been swimming competitively since she was 10 years old. 🏊🏻‍♀️
  • She is active in her church’s youth group and regularly volunteers for her parish.

Madelyn’s session was split into two sessions- summer and fall. We shot at Thunderbird Hills Golf Course, Nickel Plate Beach, the Huron Boat Basin, and Old Women’s Creek. We loved all the different looks her shoot had! 😍


Ella Foos – 1826 Senior Spokesmodel

Meet Ella Foos:

  • Ella is on the Bellevue basketball and golf team! 🏌🏼‍♀️🏀
  • Ella volunteers at her church and for the Salvation Army. ⛪️
  • She LOVES listening to music. 🎵
  • In her free time, you will find Ella with her family and friends, enjoying time outdoors on the lake! 🌊

Ella chose Schedel Gardens in Elmore, Ohio for her session. It was our first time there and we loved it! Such a beautiful location. We also took photos in a family friend’s field and we are obsessed with that look! 😍


Emily Adams – 1826 Senior Spokesmodel

Meet Emily Adams:

  • Emily will soon be a Perkins High School graduate!👩‍🎓
  • Emily is a football and basketball cheerleader. She loves representing her school and spreading school spirit! 🎉
  • Emily has been a dancer since she was 3 years old. Dance has been and always will be a great love of hers! 🩰
  • Emily is one tough cookie! In 2022, she was diagnosed with Epilepsy and she doesn’t let that stop her! She lives life to the fullest!

For Emily’s sessions, we shot at Gideon Owen Wine Company, East Harbor, Perkins High School and Strickfaden Park. They turned out beautifully! 🥰


Ava Parker – 1826 Senior Spokesmodel

Meet Ava Parker:

  • Ava attends Vermillion High School, where she is the student council Secretary. 🗒️
  • Ava enjoys playing soccer, cheering and skiing! ⛷️📣⚽️
  • Ava works at the vet clinic in her hometown and enjoys taking care of the animals that come in. 🐈🐰🐩
  • Ava is strong in her faith and volunteers at her church teaching elementary students about God’s love. ❤️

Ava’s first session took place at her grandparent’s house. We took advantage of their beautiful gardens and classic cars. We loved the look but mostly the sentiment behind the photos. Her second session was downtown Vermillion and Vermillion High School, where we showcased her sports!






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3406 Hayes Avenue
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