How To Prepare For Your Business Highlight

You’ve already done the work of building your brand, now let 1826 Photographic help your business shine in its best light. Our Business Highlight package will provide you with all the images you need for your marketing, advertising, web, and social media efforts. We can even work with your graphic/web designer (or provide you with one) to get the right images for all the sizes, specifications and ways you’ll be using them to promote your business. Send your products or employees to the studio or we will come to you to capture the spirit of your location, products, and services.


$475 flat-rate

up to 60 minutes on-location*

combination of headshots, facility shots, product shots, working shots, etc.

high-resolution digital negatives via download link (30-40 images)

ownership of all high-resolution images with print release

*A travel fee will be applied to any shoot 30+ minutes from our studio (located in Sandusky, OH)


Our Small Business Highlight focuses not just on you but also on your environment! This is perfect for those who have invested the time and money into their workspace and want to show it off! We quite literally bring our studio to you. That includes the lighting, backdrops, and any  equipment needed to get the job done. We make sure to consult with you ahead of time so that we can ensure we are prepared for what you desire. During the shoot, we have the opportunity to take photos of the facility, working shots, headshots, and product shots. Many clients use these photographs for their social media, website, newsletters, stock photography, etc. We’re there to highlight what you and your employees do best while making you also look your best!


Prepping yourself and your team-

  • Each session includes up to 3 employee headshots. More can be added on (which is billed at a discounted rate).
  • Make sure your entire staff is available. Let them know what you expect of them so there are no surprises on the day of the shoot. Give them ample notice to clear their schedule and allow time for them to prepare. No one likes to walk into a surprise photo shoot!
  • Whether it’s for headshots or group shots, it’s good to think through what you want yourself and employees to wear. It doesn’t need to match or be the same outfit but it might be helpful to give others guidance on what colors would compliment your brand and space. Think coordinating but not identical.
  • Do you need a stand in? We can hop in but even better yet you can use your own clients as well to make it more personalized. You don’t need a ton of people as extras but some variety might help to recreate realistic working shots.

Prepping your space-

  • Clear off your sticky notes! We want your space to appear as the working space it is but to be clear of distractions. You don’t want to waste precious shooting time by having to clean out your office. Consider scheduling us after a cleaning day. It doesn’t have to be perfect but a tidy look is definitely ideal.
  • Clear your schedule. We don’t want to interrupt your clients or hurry the process because your team members have to rush into a meeting. We’re trying to highlight your business without interrupting your business.
    • For example- Clubhouse No. 3 (see photos below) scheduled their session for 10am, not during their peak hours. Every person that appears in the photos was scheduled to be there and knew they were having their picture taken. We were able to direct them without interrupting time they paid to be there for.
    • Clubhouse No. 3 was also mindful of their audience. They wanted to show their space as family friendly and made sure to invite people to demonstrate just that. They had a family to help model, a young couple and groups of friends. It may be worth considering inviting people to your space for free in exchange for them to stand in on your photos. Make your clients work for you!
  • Consider where you want us to shoot. Say one office has great lighting, we can use that same office for multiple people. If you need assistance thinking through what spaces will work best, send us photos ahead of time or we can stop by for a walk through.
  • Think about what makes your office unique. Do you have an office pet or a team bonding activity you’d like to highlight? Show your clients something they can resonate with that will set you apart from being “just another” insurance company.


We realize this is a lot of information and there are endless ideas when it comes to shooting a business. Depending on your needs and desires, not all of these shoots can be done in an hour. Additional time can be billed if needed, based on your needs. Regardless we’re here to help! If you’re at a loss, we can look at your current marketing materials and see how we can enhance those best or match them. The more info you can give us, the better and the more you’ll get out of your shoot! We can’t wait to work with you!


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