Urrutia – 8.25.18

Have you ever had so much fun dancing with your friends that you woke up the next morning with super sore legs and a really hoarse throat from laughing and singing so much? That is exactly how every guest at the Urrutia wedding must have felt the next morning after their big day. Never in our careers as wedding photographers have we ever experienced that much fun being had at a reception. But boy, did their day end way different than the way it began!

We’re going to be really honest with you here – we were really nervous when the day started. We were supposed to meet Brittany and Phil to do their first look, but Mother Nature had other plans for us that morning and decided to make it downpour!! The radar showed that the rain wouldn’t last all day, but we wanted to keep to our schedule and not waste any time not taking photos. Luckily for us, the Sandusky Library welcomed us with open arms and let us do the most precious first look inside their lobby. We met Phillip first and filled him in on how the first look was going to go. We got him ready and then let Brittany come in. When she walked through the door, all we could do was gasp and the first thing out of our mouths was “It’s PINK!!!!!”. Anytime we get a bride who does anything out of the “norm” (what’s normal anyway – it’s your wedding, do what you want!) we get SO EXCITED, and Brittany’s blush pink gown stole our hearts! Just we finished the first look, the skies cleared and we were able to photograph the rest of their day outside – and what a gorgeous day it turned out to be!

Now we normally never talk about the reception much in the blog. Typically, this is an area of a wedding day that kinda just takes care of itself. They all follow a similar timeline and typically never stray too far from tradition – but Brittany and Phil surprised us yet again! The reception started out in typical wedding fashion. As any guest would expect, there were toasts, there was cake cut, and the important dances all took place. And that my friends, was where all the American wedding traditions came to a screeching halt and Phil’s roots took over. The extremely talented drumline from Bowling Green State University strolled and the traditional Batucada commenced! If you have some time, do yourself a favor and google Batucada (you will not be sorry!). Not a single person was seated during this amazing percussion performance, and like we said earlier, this was the most fun we have ever witnessed at a reception! Brittany and Phil – we love you two!!! Thank you for introducing us to the Batucada and for making your day so incredibly unforgettable!


  • Ceremony/Reception: Sandusky Yacht Club
  • Officiant: Weddings For The Ages
  • Gown Boutique: Atlas Bridal
  • Hair Stylist: Ashley Adler
  • Makeup Artist: Jordin Sidoti
  • Florist: Ella Flora
  • Cake Artist: So Sweet – Lebanese & French Pastries
  • DJ: Class Act by Bob Norris
  • Band: BGSU College of Musical Arts (performing the Batucada)

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